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St Michael's Church Of England Primary School


In January we will be holding our third annual School Spelling Bee.  The competition will be held in year groups and the school houses will compete against each other, for points. 


In the competition pupils will be given the word in isolation and in the context of a sentence. Children will be asked to write the chosen word correctly, not to say the letters out loud.   Prizes will be awarded to the highest achieving pupils and the winning house.


You can practise your spelling skills by clicking on the Spelling Bee link below.  Find the word lists that are appropriate for you.   The spelling lists are arranged in Year groups and include words which will be used in the Spelling Bee.  ( Year 6 pupils should practise the word lists for Years 4 and 5.  The year 6 spelling bee words will be taken from both of these lists, as they will be in the upcoming Year 6 SATs tests.


The dates of the Spelling Bee competition are shown below.

Click on the Spelling Bee  link from the list of blue folders below to find your spelling lists. 

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