St Michael's Church Of England Primary School



Our approach to relationships, sex and health education (RSHE) at St Michael’s CE primary school is outlined in our policy. It is underpinned by the Church of England’s charter, see Appendix 1 in policy and complements the ethos of St Michael’s CE primary school


Relationships, sex, and health education is important at St Michael’s CE primary school because it:


  • Prepares pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities, and experiences of adult life.
  • Gives pupils the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about their health and well-being.
  • Supports pupils’ skills to recognise positive, healthy, and respectful relationships.
  • Helps to safeguard pupils, so they can find and access help and support.
  • Teaches pupils’ tolerance, the importance of equality, and respect for diversity.
  • Develops pupils’ self-respect and self-worth, confidence, and empathy.


We have chosen to deliver this curriculum through Coram Life Education SCARF: Safety, Caring, Achievement, Resilience, Friendship. SCARF provides a whole-school approach to building these essential foundations – crucial for children to achieve their best, academically and socially.            


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