St Michael's Church Of England Primary School

At St Michael’s we are committed to helping children lead a Healthy and Active Lifestyle. We have been awarded ‘Healthy Schools’ Status which means that the schools excels in its programme of work. The main elements are Personal, Social and Health Eating; Physical Activity and Emotional Healthy and Wellbeing.


The National Healthy Schools Programme is an exciting long-term initiative which is making a significant difference to the health and achievement of children and young people. The National Healthy Schools Programme supports the links between health, behaviour and achievement; it is about creating healthy and happy children and young people, who do better in learning and in life.


Children and young people in Healthy Schools feel healthier, happier and safer. Their parents tell us that they feel more involved in their child’s health and learning and often feel better themselves. Schools tell us that the National Healthy Schools Programme has brought sustained improvement in behaviour, standards of work and school management.


There are many elements of the Healthy Schools programme that you and your child will encounter. The school holds an annual ‘Healthy Week’ where children are visited by many outside agencies to promote a healthy lifestyle. School asks for you help in this work especially when considering lunchbox choices and considering a healthy alternative to sweets when sending a birthday treat for your child’s class.

For more information on the Healthy Schools award please visit their website below


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