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In Reception and Key Stage 1 classes, children are taught early reading skills by learning letter sounds - phonics.  At St Michael's CE Primary School, we follow the Read Write Inc scheme to support learning to read by decoding phonetically.  Follow the link below to find out more information about this teaching style and structure.

Children in Ks1 work in small groups with a reading teacher to work on reading phonetically decodable books.  Children learning in this way will bring home phonetically decode-able reading books that match the sounds they have learnt in their reading lessons.  They will also bring home an additional decodable book matched at their reading level. Children in these classes also choose a ‘bedtime story’ book from their class library each week to be shared at home. 

Children are assessed on their phonics decoding and level of fluency half termly and their reading lessons and reading books are planned accordingly.

Where children are still learning to decode words and text phonetically in Key stage 2, they will continue to work in a small group or individually with a reading teacher, to secure these specific skills.


Read Write Inc information for parents

In key stage 2, reading is also taught by means of the shared reading of a text in class with a teacher. This can be whole class teaching, or in guided reading in a small group working on specific skills.  Reading skills are also practised by means of using topics books and texts that inform pupil learning and allow an opportunity for building independent reading skills.  Once children have secured the ability to decode text independently, they work in class on reading comprehension skills. 

In Key stage 2, children work on the Accelerated reading scheme. Children’s reading ability is assessed throughout the year on a reading comprehension quiz. Children are then directed to the appropriate level of the reading scheme to choose a take home reading book.

Each class has a designated book area and all enjoy a daily 'storytime' read from their teacher. This allows a vital opportunity to develop a love of reading for all children.  In addition to a well-stocked school library, each class has its own library.  

At St Michael's we work to inspire a love of reading by choosing high quality texts to engage the children, studying the work of authors, celebrating World book day and poetry days throughout the school and with home, and by making thematic links to topics wherever this is possible. 

At St Michael’s CEP School, we want all of our children to become enthusiastic and engaged readers. In order to do this we ensure that our staff are trained as reading teachers, and know how to support children on securing and improving their reading skills.  We choose great books to share and enjoy in class, to inspire our developing readers.  Our class and school library have a great range of books that all children are free to borrow and read. We talk about the books and authors that we like in school so that we can recommend a ‘good read’ to others.


For further information about how English is taught at St Michael’s CEP school please follow the links here.

Reading Progression Grids