St Michael's Church Of England Primary School

St Michael's PTFA is a member of PTA Local

How It Works

PTA Local has been designed in partnership with the National Confederation of Parent Teacher Associations ( to help empower PTAs and Friends Associations.

PTAs are at the heart of school communities and undertake a significant role within the school. Through PTA Local we will help raise the profile of PTAs both locally within your community and nationally.

PTA Local is a social networking site that allows PTAs to join a local network and share ideas, resources, suppliers and create new fundraising opportunities. PTAs simply activate their school and then view and chose all other PTAs in their area that they wish to join their network.

With many of the key features of popular social networking sites (and several others specifically for PTAs) PTA Local can help create an extremely proactive network of likeminded people with the tools and services to raise the profile and opportunities for PTAs within their local community. 

N.B. PTAs will always be in control of their own network, similar to the principals of Facebook and other social networking sites. PTAs will chose how they receive information, who is in their network and what information is private or available to the other PTAs. 

The Power of the PTA Movement
Through 13,500 PTAs and over 100,000 active PTA members, an astonishing £67million or £5,000 per PTA was raised in 2008. PTAs and their members are key influencers and can have a significant impact on the social and educational life at school. 

We all know the qualities needed to help run PTA events and be part of an extremely dedicated team. PTA Local brings all these people together and creates an opportunity to harness the enthusiasm and commitment of all PTAs on one social network. 

Through this unique network PTAs will be empowered and can work together to raise funds and deliver benefits to millions of school-aged children. For more information on PTA Local visit their website on